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Advance, Succeed, Have Fun!

Charles Comeaux and Advance Insurance Group, LLC (Advance) have been a Washington National Partner since 1990. Starting as an agent right out of college, he moved up the ladder and started Advance in 2003. Out of over 800 Washington National Independent Organizations nationwide, Advance has been in the top 5 every year!

Success comes from a proven system, leadership and high standards. This successful system, along with the best products on the market, makes Advance a top marketing firm in the U. S. today. We strive to not only provide a career for our team, but a long lasting relationship with their clients. Advance Insurance Group is concerned with quality agents over quantity which helps set us apart from the masses.

We have thousands of individual customers as well as Employer Groups throughout many states. We help employers look even better to their employees by enhancing their employee benefits package at NO COST to the employer.